Death by the Isis

There seems to be a constant flow of new life into the veins of unknown places. The exploration of perilous mountain ranges has brought about the surpising effects of contemplation over the unsuspecting savage landscape. We see and through our eyes the rock changes, shaped by our desires, our hopes and our own savage childish will. The road through the thick dense vegetation grows beyond our control, widens, devouring the surroundings, stealing the life-blood of the unknown, twisting and snapping at the vines, biting at the colours. Survivors of our coastal past, we drive ourselves ever deeper in the heart of our Andes, trailing some illusive prey that will satiate our ever growing hunger of the absolute. On this road we are ever alone. But our frail feet might travel further if we allow ourselves the respite of company. I chase this company here, among the broken bones of extinct beasts, a travelling gipsy in an ever-growing ring of caravans. If the night grows cold, draw closer to the flames, there might be stories brewing in the pot…


Un răspuns to “Death by the Isis”

  1. This is a page for new beginnings, a page where nusitatu might very well shed his skin and grow some feathers or some other equally exotic garment and become a whole new gipsy…er…person.

    This is an experiment of language and discovery, an attempt to lift the thick rock on which I’m rolling and peak underneath. To stare at people and places with a yawn and say well, this reminds me of that time when…

    It’s also o place I can share with Penelope, the darker, better side of nusitatu, the great Dreamer…Beneath the city the wheels ever turn but the song they sing is new and frighteningly unfamiliar. I shall endeavour to translate the echoes through my skull and find the meaning of the world outside my world.

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